Thursday June 27th 5-8pm, I will be showing my recent work at Beef Trust Kitchen & Bar (formerly Amazing Grapes) in Pompton Lakes.
I haven’t shown my work in quite some time, so to lure you in I am doing it at an awesome place that has great craft beer and fine wines. Stop in to say hello, support art at same time supporting a local neighborhood establishment. @beeftrustkitchenandbar
If you cannot make it, the show will be up until the end of August 2019, so there will more chances throughout the summer to stop in and check it out. Under 21 allowed to attend, just cannot be seated at the bar.
The works shown in the pics here are details of what I am showing. If you follow me because of my work with @twiddlemusic let me know and I will give you a #FrankenFoote sticker (while supplies last)
My artist’s statement for the show:
Back in the late 80s and into 90’s I used to make mixed cassettes for myself and friends. I would spend hours carefully choosing out the songs by planning where they would fall in the playlist. After the mix was recorded I would spend just as much time creating the cover artwork and coming up with a fake title for it. Enter this century and things got a lot easier with ability to move tracks around digitally. These digital paintings, inspired by music and lyrics, are a reversion to those hands on days but developed with new tools. Using a combination of traditional tools such as paint, pencil, ink, as well as photos I’ve taken and found, I mix these together to create a cover for a fake mix tape.
This is  Frantic Psycho Sugar Pop!
Beef Trust in Pompton Lakes located at 23 Wanaque Ave, Pompton Lakes, NJ. (973) 831-5700
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