about icon Passionately committed to imaginative and innovative problem solving.

Award-winning multimedia graphic designer and artist with history of transforming projects into arresting imagery and interactive media for clients in diverse industries. Generates interest and demand among target audiences by captivating viewers and igniting their imaginations. Strengthens competitive positioning while maintaining up-to-date on latest technologies, trends, and techniques.

Sample Image With over fifteen years of experience David Gilmour is an accomplished graphic design professional.
My role as an art director has been to oversee work that has been developed by a creative department. Working in a small design studio for the past few years my duties have extended as senior designer collaborating with the creative department. Together our team would conceptualize and implement projects that have included print and packaging design, illustration, web site development and multi-media services. I would contribute substantially to the development of all design services in the studio from initial conception, overseeing photo-shoots, image editing, art direction to final product. I would assist in evolving ideas in conjunction with a team and as an individual. I have strong productive abilities in discussing, communicating and sharing ideas with team members.

Sample Image Currently I am freelancing for firms and agencies as well as building a sole-proprietorship specializing in multimedia design, illustration, video editing, production and development. Perform multiple roles working in diverse mediums for regional companies as well as artists and authors; includes web design and development, logo creation, sales sheets, marketing collateral, advertisements, illustration, film editing, and video effects. I keep up with current industry trends and techniques in all the design fields.